STALINISM: Facebook DELETES “Stop the Steal” Facebook Page Which Garnered Over 350K members in less than 12 Hours

What we are witnessing by Big Tech Censorship is like nothing we’ve ever seen America. It’s absolutely sickening.

Facebook has removed the “Stop the Steal” Page on it’s platform in record time, a page that wants election integrity.

Why was this group taken down less than 12 hours after it was started? It had over 350k+ followers in less than 8 hours, that’s why. The censorship is real.

Twitter has also censored over a half a dozen of President Trumps Tweets since election night. It’s absolutely criminal America.

This is a developing story.

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1 year ago

thats why the group has moved to MeWe and is almost already just as big as it was yesterday

M Fisher
M Fisher
1 year ago

Stop the criminal element from robbing us! Put them all in jail!