Stag Arms Moving to Wyoming From Liberal Connecticut (VIDEO)

Stag Arms LLC, controlling interest owned by White Wolf Capital, LLC, will be relocating to Cheyenne, Wyoming from New Britain, Connecticut by the end of this year.

The AR-15 rifle maker began business in 2003 and is probably best known for making the left-handed sporting rifle along with other rifles and accessories.

Stag’s decision to move is not new for firearm manufacturer’s as Weatherby relocated to Sheridan from California in 2018 and Magpul moved from Colorado to Cheyenne in 2014.

Wyoming Governor Gordon welcomed Stag to his state and said they were pleased to be selected for the sought-after company’s headquarters.  He also said “We have a deep-seated commitment to the Second Amendment that I will continue to uphold.”

Thoughts on this company moving out of a liberal state and into a conservative one America?

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