South Dakota Hotel Owners Talk About Keystone Cancellation & How it will CRUSH Them

It’s not just the pipeline workers that are going to lose their incomes and livlihoods by President Joe Biden’s reckless shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline and a blatant attack on the Oil, Coal, and Gas industry in America.

Laurie Cox is the owner of a hotel in Midland, a small quiet town with a population of around 100 people. Her husband Wallace Cox Jr, was an industrial mechanic who had been setting up pumps in Minnesota before he was laid off on February 10th.

“My husband just called me … he just got fired,” Laurie Cox related to The Epoch Times.

The amazing livelihood that they had been building came to a sudden halt as soon as Joe Biden was sworn in on January 20th.

“The workers staying here all came to me and said well that’s it—we’re done, we’re going home,” Laurie told The Epoch Times, as she described the scene following the news. “As he was signing that executive order, they were getting the lay-offs.”

“My heart sank,” she added. “I tried to hold back everything because they’re packing up. They have to go face their families, start their lives all over again, get back onto the out-of-work list, and try to figure out their next assignment.”

As the workers began to clear out of their hotel, the real ramifications of what were happening was setting in for the Cox’s.

“It felt like it was the death of a family,” she said. “These workers really became part of the community that we have, not just here in Midland but in Philip, Murdo, Kadoka. We’re far and few between here.”

“Even the dog Heidi would sit here and wait for them … she knew what time it was when they would come back to the hotel,” she added. “She would walk them up to their rooms, or she would sit and have dinner with them.”

The hotel the Cox’s own is called The Stroppel Hotel and Mineral Baths. The hotel is strategically located in the middle of four keystone work sites in their area.

The executive order impacted other communities as well, and multiple towns within a 45 mile radius.

This is just yet another sad reality of the jobs that the Biden Administration has cost hundreds of thousands of Americans in the last month or so. It’s sickening, and the media refuses to even cover it.

You can read more of this heart wrenching story from our friends at The Epoch Times.

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