South Carolina Death Row Inmate Chooses Firing Squad Over Electric Chair for Execution

A death row inmate in South Carolina has chosen to die by firing squad rather than die in the electric chair, which would make him the state’s first execution by firing squad, according to court documents filed on Friday.

Richard Bernard Moore, 57, will be the first person executed in South Carolina in more than a decade as the state continues to struggle to procure the drugs required to perform lethal injections.

Moore, who was sentenced to death in 1999 for the murder of a convenience store clerk, is set to be executed on April 29.

Moore has been on death row for 23 years, yet he still has two pending court challenges to the constitutionality of the state’s death penalty methods. Isn’t it amazing that these people have been costing tax payers for over two decades when they were found guilty by a jury of their peers, judges, appellate judges, etc.

“I believe this election is forcing me to choose between two unconstitutional methods of execution, and I do not intend to waive any challenges to electrocution or firing squad by making an election,” he said in the statement.

On April 6, the South Carolina Supreme Court denied an appeal by Moore which argued his death sentence was disproportionate to the penalties imposed in similar cases.

If they’d start executing these clowns who commit heinous crimes, it would make America a much better society. It’s unbelievable they continue to play the system for years and years.

The following is from CNN:

The SCDC detailed its new protocols in a news release, noting the facility had installed a metal chair for the person being executed and bullet-resistant glass in the witness room.During the execution, three firing squad members will stand in an opening in the death chamber’s wall, facing the person being executed, the corrections department explained in the release.Once escorted into the chamber, the inmate will have the opportunity to make a final statement before being strapped to the chair and having a hood placed over their head, according to the protocol.

After a small “aim point” is placed over the person’s heart, the firing squad — which will not be visible to witnesses — will fire.SCDC says the firing squad members will be volunteer SCDC employees who “must meet certain qualifications.”

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