Socialism, the ultimate system for control of the masses

Recently, big-government-globalist Andrew Cuomo bashed the new GOP tax-cut bill.  Of course he would!  Cuomo erroneously stated the new tax plan is akin to “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”.  Obviously this is not correct, but if it was, isn’t this what liberals desire?….a grand, slap-happy, unicorn-filled, socialist society where we all pay for everyone else’s stuff?  The miserable failure that is Obamacare is all you need to reference when making the statement, “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”!  Per Cuomo’s remarks, I think it’s safe to say, liberals only desire this outcome when it’s not THEM footing the bill.

In reference to Cuomo’s remarks about the tax bill, I could continue my tirade and state the obvious about cutting government waste and living within ones means, but that’s too much common sense for one article.  Instead , I will delve into a few thoughts about socialism and the mindset necessary to support such a system.



 Self-governance and liberty are very basic American concepts.  You know, true freedom American style!  It is difficult however for most leftist-socialists to comprehend.  The devout socialist doesn’t want freedom―they actually FEAR it.

Instead, they worship at the altar of the all-knowing and benevolent big-government, afraid to venture out on their own for fear of failure―not understanding life isn’t always fair.  At what point did your parents fail you and teach you that life is always “fair”?  At NO point in this thing we refer to as “the grand experiment” did our founders EVER guarantee success, or that life would be, “fair”.  The founders knew the opposite to be true.  Freedom can be messy, often erratic, and oh sooo SCARY!

The majority of the hard-left, socialist ideology can be blamed on years of indoctrination from the media and the education system.  We have raised several generations of reasonably book-smart individuals who promote this “pox” to mankind called socialism.  I have often had young, confused, wide-eyed millennials ask me, “Isn’t socialism simply the same as sharing?”   There is a reason I have such a large flat forehead―too many self-inflicted facepalms.

Reacting to life’s hard realities with baseless fear instead of caring about issues such as liberty, freedom and truth seem predominant in some people’s minds.  Devout socialism tends to be a fear based ideology in a reactionary sense to life in general.  Socialists seem to relish the idea of living in a society akin to an ant-colony or bee-hive―perplexingly content being plugged into the “matrix”.



Normally I give credit where credit is due as the following paragraphs are well stated.  However, I have had the following excerpt for so long the author has been lost to the annals of time:

The Dark Left Existential Socialist has it all wrong. In the free market system, the Capitalist is slave to the people; the citizen is not slave to the Capitalist. We have passed laws that the corporations must meet to run a business, many of these laws won by the progressive movement and unions both backed by Christians and the Social Gospel Movement in the early 1900s, not Socialists. “We the People” by our government and press keep an eye on the corporations and Capitalists. The company must compete for the workers, if they do not pay enough or provide enough benefits the worker can go down the street. If the company does not keep its workers happy and ends up with inefficient work force they will go bankrupt. This gives the worker power over the Capitalist. The Capitalist is also slave to the consumer; if they do not keep the consumer happy and provide them with what they want their company goes out of business and goes bankrupt. The Capitalist also has the big worries of keeping track of his investments and protecting his capitol, many of the rich and successful work extreme hours, it is a ball and chain too, let them have it as far as I am concerned. Who is the slave again? The Free Market system has brought us from a rural backbreaking sun up to sun down workday just to survive system of a hundred years ago to the many comforts and free time for recreational pursuits and even work that we enjoy of today.

 200 years of failed socialism and they still do not get it. Intellectuals, Central Planners and big government bureaucracy cannot run an economy. Socialism has been a complete and utter disaster every time they have tried it, leaving the people starving and oppressed. They will not let it go because their false idea of a fantasy equality, elusive Socialist Utopia and good intentions gives them an emotional feel good that justifies the failures and misery and death Socialism has caused, in the 100s of millions in the 20th century. They not only think they can run the economy, they think they can run your life. They want to tell us what we can believe and say through political correctness and even control us right down to how much water our toilet should flush and even how big of a soda you can buy. The irony is that in our modern world everything is repressive to the Dark Left Existentialist except one of the most repressive systems in history, Socialism. If we do not watch out the Socialist will be controlling every aspect of our lives, especially if they start regulating a so-called personal carbon imprint, which they are working hard to implement over the corporations to control them with even more regulations”.


I do not expect to change anybody’s mind or sway anyone’s ideology.  I’m not deluded or pretentious enough to believe I could accomplish such a feat, (unlike most leftists I have met).  I simply enjoy the mental image of their heads frantically spinning around as smoke pours out of their ears while attempting to digest these tidbits of common sense.  Of course I jest, and I probably shouldn’t be so cynical.  If one person learns, or takes away one positive piece of information, it was worthwhile.

In summary, socialists seem to have an odd, almost pathological love and trust of big-government.  This is neither why our founding documents were designed nor for what they were intended.


“Progressives understand that their program for a government-centered society becomes more plausible the more people believe that work — individual striving — is unavailing. Government grows as fatalism grows, and fatalism grows as progressivism inculcates in people the demoralizing — make that de-moralizing — belief that they are victims of circumstances.”

— George Will —


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4 years ago

This quote is spot on. So glad I ran across it. Growing up, I would look around me and wonder at how some companies treat their workers so horribly. I think, without any prior knowledge of how corporations work, I think naturally a company is only as good as the workers it employs and how happy these workers are. Seems pretty clear to me, so why don’t others get it? Oh… well because they are socialists… and typically the only ppl I see benefiting from that type of mentality are the ones that dont want to work and take advantage… Read more »