SMART: Locked Out Dog Rings Doorbell, Not Once, but Twice! (VIDEO)

In a world full of not so good things, here’s something that makes us realize we don’t deserve dogs.

As you can see below in the video, the family dog pops up onto the Ring Doorbell screen and rings the bell with his nose. He then poses and waits, and runs off for a minute.

The dogs name according to the family is Chika, a Labrador mix they say.

Just when you thought Chika couldn’t get any smarter, she returns this time ringing the doorbell a second time with her paw.

The video was captured on a doorbell-cam outside the Fox family home in McDonough in Georgia, America, shortly after 2am.

Yes folks, the owners did finally let her in. They fell asleep and say that the dog normally sleeps in their sons room, and they thought she was there, not realizing she was still outside. All is well and so is Chika!

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