Six Teenagers Arrested on Murder Chargers After One Student is Dead, Two Others Injured in Drive By Shooting at Iowa High School

Police said Tuesday that six teenagers have been arrested on murder charges stemming from a drive-by-shooting on Monday afternoon outside a Des Moines, Iowa high school. The shooting left a 15-year-old boy dead and two female students critically injured.​

Overnight, homicide detectives executed multiple residential and vehicle search warrants, and recovered multiple firearms, police said.

In addition to first-degree murder, the suspects were charged with two counts each of attempted murder, according to authorities. The names of the suspects were not immediately released and it is not clear if they will be prosecuted as adults.

The shooting occurred outside the East High School and the school and surrounding area were locked down on Monday afternoon shortly after the shooting, with residents asked to stay clear.

While the incident took place at approximately 2:48 pm local time, “students were not dismissed until approximately 3:30 pm after law enforcement gave an all clear,” the Des Moines Public Schools site said.

The teenager who was fatally shot is believed to have been the intended target the Des Moines Police Department said in a statement, Tuesday. The victim was identified as Jose David Lopez of Des Moines, but was not a student at the high school. 

The two wounded teenage girls, who are ages of 16 and 18 were both students at the school but were not identified, according to the police statement. They both remain hospitalized on Tuesday with life-threatening injuries.

Also, according to the police statement, “Gunshots were fired by multiple shooters, from multiple vehicles.” No motives have been reported at this time.

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