Sidney Powell Asks Judge to Dismiss $1.3 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Filed by Dominion Voting Systems Against Her

Attorney Sidney Powell who’s worked diligently fighting for election integrity and against election fraud in the 2020 elections has asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed against her.

Through her attorneys, Powell argued the case should be dismissed because her comments were protected under the First Amendment and “reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact.” There has been no evidence provided following the US election to suggest Dominion voting machines were manipulated or corrupted, according to election officials.

Her attorneys argued that “reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact but view them only as claims that await testing by the courts through the adversary process.”

“All the allegedly defamatory statements attributed to Defendants were made as part of the normal process of litigating issues of momentous significance and immense public interest,” the motion reads.

Dominion filed the suit in mid January against Powell, as well as against attorney Lin Wood for defamation. Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani was later added to the suit as well.

“The recent attacks on the democratic process are not singular or isolated events,” Dominion CEO John Poulos told reporters at the time. “They are the result of a deliberate and malicious campaign of lies over many months. Sidney Powell and others created and disseminated these lies, assisted and amplified by a range of media platforms.”

President Trump along with Powell, Giuliani, and Wood hammered Dominion for election integrity which prompted the lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems.

“Dominion brings this action to set the record straight, to vindicate the company’s rights under civil law, to recover compensatory and punitive damages, to seek a narrowly tailored injunction, and to stand up for itself and its employees,” the company wrote in its complaint.

What are your thoughts America, do you think this will get tossed out? Comment Below.

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Laura Hughes
Laura Hughes
1 year ago

Brilliant. As always. Sidney is exactly right. How about Dominion prove that there was no fraud. Let independent people do a investigation on the machines.