SICKENING: Pfizer Formally Asks FDA to Let Kids as Young as 5 Get the Covid-19 Vaccine

Well you knew this was coming, even though Children literally have a better chance of passing away form drowning than they do Covid-19, the Big Tech Pharma overlords are requesting the FDA to approve the vaccine for kids as young as 5-years-old.

Pfizer wants the FDA to approve the jab to children between the ages of 5 and 11 now. Truly astonishing.

It’s truly sickening and disgusting. Kids do not get it, do not spread it, and do not die form it. The vaccine poses a far greater risk to children than if they were to get Covid-19 and they’d easily beat it with their own immune systems. Pfizer knows that, but they don’t care.

The U.S. based pharmaceutical company and its German partner BioNTech sent the request to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about a week after submitting data they said shows that the vaccine triggered antibody responses in children in phase 2/3 clinical trials. Keep in mind, they’re doing their own studies, what could go wrong here? I mean Project Veritas’s latest undercover video shows they covered up fetal cells and didn’t want the public or congressional members to know about it.

“With new cases in children in the U.S. continuing to be at a high level, this submission is an important step in our ongoing effort against COVID-19,” Pfizer said in a statement.

Pfizer’s vaccine is already authorized for children aged 12 to 17 and approved for adults aged 18 and older, though the approved version isn’t yet available in the United States. Keep in mind this is still under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) act.

The Pfizer trial gave children a two-dose regimen of 10 micrograms each, while older populations were given doses of 30 micrograms each. The lower dosage “was carefully selected as the preferred dose for safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity in children,” Pfizer and BioNTech stated in September.

Dr. Janet Woodcock, the acting commissioner of the FDA, recently said that the vaccine “may need a different dosage or formulation from that used in an older pediatric population or adults.”

“We know from our vast experience with other pediatric vaccines that children are not small adults, and we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of clinical trial data submitted in support of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine used in a younger pediatric population,” Woodcock said.

The agency’s vaccine advisory panel will meet on Oct. 26 to review the efficacy and safety data. A meeting of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) vaccine advisory committee to discuss the matter hasn’t yet been scheduled.

White House COVID-19 response coordinator Jeffrey Zients told CNN that the new Pfizer request could be granted before Thanksgiving.

“We will be ready as soon as the CDC and the FDA give the go ahead,” Zients said. “We are ready. We have the supply. We’re working with states to set up convenient locations for parents and kids to get vaccinated, including pediatricians’ offices and community sites.”

New submissions have come out after new studies now show that Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness against infection and severe disease sharply wanes over time.

Three scientists from the company were recently recorded undercover by Project Veritas acknowledging that natural immunity, or the protection from Covid-19 and recovering, is similar or better than the protection of the company’s vaccine itself. acknowledging that natural immunity, or the protection from Covid-19 and recovering, is similar or better than the protection of the company’s vaccine itself.

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Harry Ort
Harry Ort
11 months ago

One day these drugs will be in a class action lawsuit.