SICKENING: Judge Orders Pastor Artur Pawlowski to Condemn Himself, Straight Out of Stalins Playbook (VIDEO)

A Canadian Judge has ordered Pastor Artur Pawlowski to condemn himself, along with a slew of other conditions as punishment for the pastor opening his doors and speaking out against Covid-19 mandates and lockdowns.

Justice Adam Germain ordered Pawlowski to provide the government’s narrative to counter any comments the pastor makes about lockdowns, masks, vaccines, or anything else pandemic related. This is straight out of Stalins playbook.

In a bizarre and strange 40-minute rant, Justice Germain ordered that for the next 18 months, whenever Pastor Artur talks about lockdowns, mandates, the pandemic, or vaccines in tweets, speeches, in media interviews, he must immediately repudiate himself, and give the “official” government view condemning himself.

Artur must argue against himself. He must condemn himself, or he will go back to jail.

This is compelled speech, like a Maoist “struggle session” in Communist China. You have to say whatever the government tells you to say. It’s absolutely tyrannical and criminal.

The judge also ordered Artur to pay $42,000 in fines and another $10,000 for his brother David.

Forced speech is unheard of in Canadian law. Even convicted murderers cannot be ordered to apologize for their crimes, and therefore any such force apology would be meaningless anyway. Is this the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard?

So a Christian pastor must now go against his own conscious and repeat the banter of an angry and out of control judge. The entire point of this is the liberal judge trying to make Artur submit to his new master, the Canadian government.

The judge then attacked Artur after his rant for going on a speaking tour and talking to the media. More state ran media, and Stalin like tactics of the Canadian government.

The amazing thing here is Pastor Artur didn’t break any Canadian laws.

Watch this video on the entire shocking scenario from our friends at Rebel News.

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11 months ago

“If our freedom to believe is subject to all other freedoms, then it’s not freedom” From “God’s Not Dead 2”