SICKENING: Alleged BLM Supporter Kneels On The Neck Of White Baby, Investigation Underway by Police

In a shocking and horrifying viral photo, a black male is pictured kneeling on the neck of a white two year-old baby with a caption on the photo, “Blm now mf.”

The thug in the photo is Ohio man Isaiah Jackson who was just arrested on July 20th for a probation violation.

The paternal grandmother of the baby spoke directly with the Gateway Pundit, telling them that the man in the photo is dating the baby’s mother. Screenshots of online conversations between the baby’s father his friend as well as conversations between the baby’s mother and an unnamed individual were handed over to the Gateway Pundit.

The baby’s mother defended Jackson’s actions, saying that the people who were upset about the photo were “ignorant” saying “he wasn’t hurting him.”

The grandmother revealed that the baby is now in safe hands with her son.

“My son is beyond pissed. He took his boy to the ER to get checked out and everything came back good,” she said. “He better be glad nothing bad happened to my grandson and he better hide from all the people who will be coming for him when he gets out of jail.”

The Gateway Pundit reports:

She told Gateway Pundit that the baby had x-rays taken and that there were no injuries. She said that she does not think the mother has been arrested or that any charges have been filed against her. “She should have been charged,” she said.

Child Protective Services is also involved, she explained, and the mother will only be allowed to see the child while the father is present for now. She is not allowed to be alone with him, the grandmother said.

“All we could see was that picture in our head,” she said while explaining why she hasn’t been able to sleep since the incident. “We just want everyone involved charged for what they did. The guy hasn’t been charged for what he did yet. He did get charged for a probation violation.”

The grandmother suspects that the mom is allowing things like this to happen because of the people she is hanging out with.

“When I saw the person holding his arms back it made me so much more upset,” she said. “The fact that he was crying, it makes my stomach hurt. He didn’t have anyone there to protect him or stop it.”

According to WHIO TV 7 “investigators in Clark County said they are investigating the post, however no arrests have been made and charges have not been filed.”

“We are looking into this case, however it is still an active investigation. At this point we are actively looking into it and we are VERY early on into this investigation,” said Maj. Chris Clark in a statement.

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Ashley Shea
Ashley Shea
2 years ago

Another reason why we need the death penalty. Let’s stop pretending theres anything these people can contribute to society, and get rid of them. They only hurt others & waste tax dollars. While we are at it, include the dumb, abusive mother & anyone that supports this behavior. The world would get better, very quickly, if we took out the garbage instead of storing it.

2 years ago

Get a rope, I’ll bring the beer…

2 years ago

Too disgusting for words smh