SICK: Washington Post Opinion Editor Says ‘White Women Are Lucky’ We Are ‘not Calling for Revenge’

Just when you thought the left couldn’t get anymore vindictive and vile over hurt feelings, they just keep pouring it on.

The Washington Post Global Opinions Editor Karen Attiah wrote Sunday white women “are lucky” that  “[we] are not calling for revenge,” making her statement in a subsequently deleted social media post according to our friends at Breitbart.

As you can see from her Twitter feed, she’s a real piece of work America.

Here she is advocating for violence for those that don’t see things her way.

And then here she is trying to make excuses for why she deleted the tweet in question. You know, just because she wanted to say it quick, and then leave.. It’s basically the same thing as murmuring a slur under your breath at someone, that’s what Karen’s all about.

If we’ve learned anything about the Washington Post opinion editor, it’s pretty clear she doesn’t like White people, mainly white women.

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