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SICK! Liberal VoteVets Deleted This Tweet Rooting for Another Benghazi Just to Spite President Trump

Liberal VoteVets group proves just how disgusting they are once again. This time routing for another Benghazi to happen just because of their hatred for President Trump.

You can see the disgusting tweet below:

“Hey @POTUS remember you’re Benghazi rants during 2016? You’re about to have your own unfortunately in Iraq.”

As it turns out the President is no Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton and over 100 Marines, two dozens AH-64 Apaches, and a dozen fighter jets zoomed overhead. Everyone was evacuated safely from the embassy.

Here’s some of the responses to the asinine tweet by VoteVets.

What are your thoughts on the group VoteVets cheering for another Benghazi and loss of American life?

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Brandy N Havers
Brandy N Havers
8 months ago

Why would any American citizen wish for another Benghazi? That has to be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever read- and they have the nerve to say we are the un American ones! Truly reprehensible attitude and behavior from “Vets”

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