SICK: Leftist Mob Attacks Rep. Steve Scalise Who Survived Assassination Attempt, Over a Retweet

The leftist mob is now heading into uncharted territory. This time attacking conservative royalty and mass shooting attempt survivor Congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

Scalise retweeted a video of Ady Barkan that had been doctored and has since deleted the video.

Barkan tweeted this response:

“.@SteveScalise, These are not my words. I have lost my ability to speak, but not my agency or my thoughts,” Barkan tweeted Sunday. “You and your team have doctored my words for your own political gain. Please remove this video immediately. You owe the entire disability community an apology.”

Scalise responded in kind.

“Look, it shouldn’t have been edited,” Scalise (R-La.) told Fox News. “But at the same time, the comments were always about — in fact, twice in that interview, he asked Joe Biden if he was for redirecting money away from police. And in both times, Joe Biden said yes.”

Scalise spokeswoman Lauren Fine told The Washington Post in an email that the video shared by the congressman had been “condensed … to the essence of what he was asking, as is common practice for clips run on TV and social media, no matter the speaker” — a position reiterated by Scalise on Monday.

“Multiple times Joe Biden has [been] asked if he supports redirecting money away from police, and Joe Biden says yes. Redirecting and defunding the police are the same thing,” Scalise said. “If you’re a police officer and they’re redirecting money away from you, [it] doesn’t matter where else it’s going. It’s going to make it harder for those police officers to do their job safely, and to keep those communities safe.”

Isn’t it strange how the left made fun of Madison Cawthorn a GOP congressional candidate in a wheelchair at the RNC last week. The mainstream media was silent at their remarks. You can read the full story HERE.

The outrage police of the left is out of control as usual.

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