SICK! Antifa Supporter Brags About Giving MAGA Kids Fentanyl Laced Halloween Candy

This is absolutely disgusting.

An Antifa supporter on Halloween was bragging and sharing pictures that he was giving “MAGA” children Fentanyl laced candies.

The following is from our friends at Summit.News

“If I see any children dressed up in some #MAGA type of costume like this little worm, I’m going to be giving them my special #Fentanyl laced candy. #ANTIFA action!” tweeted @Djenkounchained, alongside a poster of a young boy dressed as the president with death crosses over his eyes.

But it didn’t stop there…

“Adding #fentanyl pills to my halloween candy for the #MAGA children to eat,” the individual subsequently tweeted, with an image of pills about to be dropped into a bag of chocolate bars.

You want to talk about how sick and twisted those on the left are. The original tweet received over 1200 Likes… Absolutely sickening, what a tough guy to poison children.

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