SICK! Actress Amy Brenneman ‘Excited’ to Host Party for Women to Celebrate Their Abortions

TV actress Amy Brenneman is hosting a party Friday in Hollywood for women to celebrate aborting their unborn babies.

Brenneman (“Judging Amy,” “NYPD Blue”), along with pro-abortion comedian Sarah Silverman and others, are holding the event to promote the new coffee-table book “Shout Your Abortion” based on the pro-abortion campaign of the same name, Breitbart reports.

The campaign is not about abortion storytelling but pro-abortion advocacy; it refuses to give a voice to women who regret aborting their unborn babies. Instead, the campaign features stories of women bragging about how their abortions were good for them. It seeks to “normalize” abortion through these stories, colorful photos and art. One cartoon for the campaign declares “Abortion is for lovers.”

Brenneman said she is “so excited” about the abortion party, which will feature a number of women bragging about their abortions.

You can read more of this sickening story HERE


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Florence Addesso
4 years ago

SICK !!!! I would not read that garbage book if you paid me !!!! You think abortion is funny?? Is it cool??? Your all sick!!!!! I hope her career goes Down the toilet !!!!!!