Should The Electoral College Be Abolished? A Debate With Progressive Libertarian Jasen Dutch

Jasen Dutch, co-host of the progressive libertarian podcast Dig on America, joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to debate whether the Electoral College should be abolished. Throughout this back-and-forth, several peripheral topics are also discussed, including states rights, whether OSHA is constitutional and the Arizona Audits. 

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Many Democrats have been making the recent push to abolish the Electoral College, claiming that the current system in place disenfranchises those in states like California, New York and other states with larger cities. Their argument is often that a vote in Montana is more valuable than a vote in California.

Jasen Dutch, co-host of the podcast Dig on America, is a self-described progressive libertarian who fully supports abolishing the Electoral College for exactly those reasons and joined me on this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to debate the issue. He cites the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by millions of votes, yet still lost the election. 

I, however, on the other hand, take a look at the original purpose of the Electoral College and the current election system that we have in place. When our nation was founded, each state was considered its own sovereign nation that would self-govern. However, they were unifying together to protect certain Constitutional Rights and for the national safety against foreign governments.

In order to assure that no state had a disproportionate influence over the national government, they established the Electoral College system. This ensure that the big cities would not be able to ram their own policies down the throats of rural America. As I explain throughout the debate, our Founding Fathers established checks and balances throughout our governmental system to protect the freedoms and liberty provided to each and every American. 

If we were to live in a straight democracy, we’d essentially live under mob rule, with 50.1% having the ability to oppress the 49.9%. Our Founding Fathers saw the danger in this and provided a check and balance, which was the Electoral College.

Currently, during the Presidential Elections, we see the candidates traveling across the country, campaigning in virtually every state, including what the Coasts refer to as “flyover country.” This part of middle America is very rural and would be destroyed if cities like L.A. and NYC were have a monopoly on the decisions that impact the entire country.

If we eliminate the Electoral College, we’ll never see any candidate campaign in the small states. They’ll simply focus on the major cities with the highest density of population. We’ll see our government become even more tyrannical and force Rural America to live under rules made by city folk.

One compromise that I was willing to make with Jasen would be the idea to change the winner-take-all approach to the Electoral College System, and allow the delegates to be proportionate to the results of that state’s election. This would give a voice to those of us conservatives in states like California who often see our votes as throw-away. It would do the same to progressives in states like Texas and Florida, where they see their votes in the same fashion.

However, I would strongly oppose any proposed abolishment of the Electoral College. This would ensure that states would not be able to protect themselves from a tyrannical government and would further take states’ rights away, which would be yet another step to undo the Constitution of the United States of America.

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