Shoplifting Skyrockets in San Francisco Forces Retailers to Close Stores

Just when you thought San Francisco couldn’t get any worse, it has done so. San Francisco retailers are now closing their stores because shoplifting is so out of control in the city.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported earlier this month that stores like Walgreens and CVS are closing locations in the city due to “out of control” shoplifting.

The Chronicle spoke to 77-year-old John Susoeff, who used to pick up his medicine at Walgreens two blocks from his home until it closed in March.

Now he has to walk six blocks to the nearest pharmacy. He says sometimes he requires a cane to walk with, and also picks up some prescriptions for his neighbors who have mobility issues.

“It’s terrible,” he told the Chronicle, explaining that almost everything in the store was locked up just before it closed. “I don’t blame them for closing.”

The problem is shoplifting, and retailers because of the horrific Democrat leadership in the city say the crime is out of control.

Retailers attributed a majority of losses to professional thieves instead of opportunistic shoplifters who may be driven by poverty, with one CVS leader calling San Francisco a hub of organized retail crime. Losses have shuttered drugstores providing vital services, even more critical during the pandemic as some stores give out vaccines.

“This has been out of control,” said Supervisor Ahsha Safaí, who held a hearing Thursday with retailers, police, the district attorney and probation departments. “People are scared to go into these stores — seniors, people with disabilities, children. It’s just happening brazenly. We can’t just as a city throw up our hands and say this is OK. We have to come up with solutions.”

“Professional shoplifters can work the system by stealing items under the threshold from one store and hitting several retailers in the same day. To prosecute, the district attorney has pursued aggregated charges for multiple petty theft incidents by the same person, such as a recent case of stolen scooters. Police said a person could also be charged with possession of stolen property worth more than $950,” the Chronicle reported.

Can you imagine living in a city so riddled with shoplifting and crime is so bad that retailers have to shut their doors? Unbelievable. You can read more from our friends at The Daily Wire.

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Chris Ferro
Chris Ferro
1 year ago

If you make it legal to steal my property, then why would I bring my property into your city? This isn’t a hard thing to figure out. The absolute foundation of civilization itself is respect for private property rights. Without that, there is nothing but chaos, poverty, shortages and misery.