In an update on our report on Monday, the two victims of the Boise Mall shooting were identified on Tuesday, while a third person has died, as the suspect in the Boise Towne Square Mall shooting has died​ from his injuries, police announced, bringing the death toll to three in the Monday shooting incident.

The first victim of the Monday shooting was identified as Jo Acker, 26, a security guard at Boise Towne Square Mall. Police said evidence shows that Acker was the first to have contact with the shooter at the mall, and was shot and killed at the scene. It is believed Acker was trying to stop the shooter when she was killed.

After confrontation with Acker the shooter fired several rounds into a glass escalator and a second victim, Padilla Arguelles, 49, of Rupert, Idaho,  was critically shot. He was taken to a hospital where he died of his injuries, according to the Ada County Coroner who made the identification and pronounced his death. Arguelles became the second victim in the Monday shooting.

The shooter then walked through the mall, firing rounds into the floor, which led to a 52-year-old woman and a 23-year-old woman being injured. Another man was injured when he fell while trying to escape the mall.

Four others were injured during the shooting outside of the mall, including a police officer during a shoot-out with the suspect. The suspect was wounded and hospitalized after the shoot-out and identified as Jacob Berquist, a 27-year-old Boise man.

 The cause of death of Berquist, on Tuesday, was still pending after being pronounced by the Ada County Coroner, according to Boise Police Department Chief Ryan Lee.

In a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Lee said the police are still trying to identify a motive for the shooting. Authorities said they are looking through Bergquist’s social media pages and contacting his family with help from the FBI.

Authorities said they are not aware of any relationship between the suspect and the victims, and believe there was only one shooter. “The community is safe,” Lee said. “This is an individual that acted cowardly, and acted alone.”

At Tuesday’s news conference, Boise Mayor Lauren McLean said the shooting “was a terrible day” for the community and thanked mall employees, patrons and first responders for their bravery and quick action. “You provided care in a moment where somebody next to you needed that,” McLean said.

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