Shooting at Houston School Last Week Goes Almost Unreported by Mainstream Media, Why?

Last Friday a shooting took place at a school in Houston, Texas, but you’ve probably never heard of it. I’m sure right about now, you’re asking yourself why?

On Friday, 25-year-old Dexter Kelsey shot his way inside a school and then shot Principal Eric Espinoza in the back, according to police investigators.

It’s now been several days since a former student spend fire at YES Prep Southwest, and the mainstream media still isn’t covering it or talking about it.

Police said that Kelsey tried to open the front doors of the school on Friday, but they were locked so he shot his way through. When he got inside, police said he shot the principal, Eric Espinoza in the back.

Kelsey has been charged with deadly conduct and aggravated assault against a public servant. According to a law enforcement source, Kelsey confessed to the shooting, telling police he was hearing voices and was not after the principal, but rather a different staff member.

More than 900 students were at the school at the time of the shooting, thank God none were injured.

The bond for Kelsey has been set at 5 million dollars, we’re trying to figure out how he’s even eligible for a bond, considering he shot the doors off the school, and shot the principal in the back?

It’s truly remarkable that no one was killed, and kudos goes out to the faculty and administrators of this school to keep all of those students safe. It’s truly a miracle none were injured or worse.

Details are still very sketchy about this shooting, and as we noted, the mainstream media isn’t talking about it at all. Ask yourself why?

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