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SHOCKING! Sean Hannity Chastises Michigan Protestors for Legally Carrying Guns

I’ve had my issues with Sean Hannity since he dropped the Seth Rich investigation in 2017 and hasn’t spoke of it since.

Rumor has it one of the Murdoch wives who sits on the board of the Clinton Foundation told him to back off the story and he easily obliged.

Now he’s chastising Michiganders for expressing their right to bear arms and to assemble and protest.

In shocking fashion Hannity berated thousands of Michigan residents who assembled last week with arms at the capital building which is perfectly legal. One of my sources was even told by Sheriff David Clarke that it’s legal, and the media blew the entire thing out of proportion as usual.

I’m not sure if Mr. Hannity has been paying attention, but police are following Draconian orders and beating the living hell out of AMERICAN citizens.

Hannity: “Everyone has the right to protect themselves, protest, and try to get the country open.”

But it went south from there folks.

“But this with the militia look here, and the long guns, Nah.”

Hannity: “A show or force is dangerous, that puts our police at risk.”

Apparently captain tick tock missed the part about defending the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.. he then continued, “your message will never be heard whoever you are.”

Wow Sean, just wow…

You can watch the full video below;

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