SHOCKER.. New Study Says Men Who Own Cats Have Terrible Dating Prospects

A new study according to the folks over at from Boise State University says that men being photographed with a cat makes them less desirable. Yes, this is a real study, and if you think you lose your alpha status from taking photos with your cat, you’d be 100% correct.

That’s right, if you’re a man, and you have a cat, women probably think you’re a candy ass. Is anyone really shocked by this, I mean honestly?

If you are a heterosexual man, that very cat of yours might be the reason you didn’t have a Valentine this past Sunday night.

“Generally speaking, people are going with: keep your cat out of your profile picture on your dating apps,” Dr. Shelly Volsche said.

Volsche is an Anthropologist at Boise State University. She helped conduct the study with a psychologist at Colorado State University that says women who saw a man being photographed with a cat thought he was “less masculine, more neurotic, and ultimately less datable.”

Yea, I don’t think anyone would argue that who considers themselves a man, I know I wouldn’t.

“Even though we say we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, there’s something going on in the back of women’s’ minds when they see that cat and make assumptions in their minds about men being may be feminine and neurotic,” Volsche said.

She did add that men with pets in general had better luck on dating apps than those without.

“It totally surprised us,” Volsche said. “I’ve actually gotten emails from people who say, ‘I love my cat man,’ and I think they’ve gone looking for the story saying, I think he’s cuter with the cat. The challenge is, that’s all after the fact, and they know what the conclusion is so they go back and look at it from a different perspective.”

“I think that’s the takeaway from this study is to realize that those stereotypes still exist,” she continued. “Whether or not we think it’s accurate, whether we think it’s fair to judge a guy as neurotic, feminine, or a homosexual just because he has a cat– clearly that’s still persisting that people do.”

She said ultimately, representation matters.

“There are actually calendars out there, where it’s just firemen holding puppies,” she said. “Maybe if we include more cats, more variety of companion animals in those types of things to break down those walls, to show, here’s this really hunky guy holding a bunny rabbit.”

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11 months ago

anyone who believes this study…. there are padded rooms for you, where you are free to hurt yourself all you want.
These kind of articles are exactly why people are mentally unfit to function in life. What a stupid article.

Mostly Harmless
Mostly Harmless
11 months ago

If some bitch is so vapid and shallow that she’s not interested in me because I care for a feline, then I’d say I dodged a BULLET by not having to deal with her SHIT.

Abominable Snowflake
11 months ago

Why are we being mean about cats, exactly?

Ann Threlkeld
Ann Threlkeld
10 months ago

I think the study is pure 100% bullshit. Men who own cats are more intelligent and are much more self confident.