SHOCKER: Fake Facebook Whistleblower to Meet with January 6th Committee on Censorship

As you know by now, the Facebook whistleblower is a complete and total ruse.

That’s right, it’s nothing more than yet another Democrat plant in an attempt to gain more censorship against conservative voices and Donald J. Trump in America.

Now CNN is reporting that the left-wing Facebook “whistleblower” Frances Haugen will reportedly be meeting with the U.S. House Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol incident.

Democrats in charge of the committee are of course making their 467th attempt to try to tie Donald Trump to the “incitement” since their failed impeachments and bogus dossiers have lead them nowhere.

The entire goal of using Haugen is to try to suggest that Facebook and their policies helped to “radicalize” those Antifa and BLM agitators who lured some feeble minded conservatives into storming the Capitol on January 6. 99.9% of those that went inside the Capitol were Grandmas and Truck Drivers who took selfies in the Rotunda, but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

The radical leftists in our nations Congress have even went as far as calling what happened on January 6 worse than 9/11. Yes, they are that stupid America.

What are your thoughts on the fake whistleblower?

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