Sheriff Who Covered Up Las Vegas Shooting Running Against Candidate Who Promises to Expose It

For those not familiar with Nevada politics, Sheriff Joe Lombardo was the guy responsible for covering up the murder of 59 people during the Route 91 Las Vegas concert shooting. The media dropped the story after only 2 weeks due to all the holes and discrepancies in Lombardo’s timeline and investigation. Sure, the FBI and MGM had a hand in telling him to cover it up, that doesn’t mean it’s OK to lie to the public about the facts, especially when your only job is to protect the people of Las Vegas and uphold the law.

Despite being heavily disliked and running as an anti-gun Republican (that did NOTHING to uphold the Constitution during lockdowns in a state still currently under mask mandates, restrictions, and forced vaccinations by certain businesses and casinos) Lombardo is unbelievably making a run for the Governor’s seat….and everyone suspects he’s only doing it to keep the corruption going and Route 91 covered up. He’s already bragging that he’s (somehow) raised $3 million dollars despite being barely able to garner the support of the people. A picture of his volunteer “team” was only made up of 7 people. Makes you wonder who’s really funding this guy….

If you’re familiar with how the GOP works in Nevada, then you know that there’s a massive RINO and political corruption problem. Only one candidate for Governor, Joey Gilbert has actually been rallying throughout this tyranny and helping people sue for their rights. Governor Sisolak granted himself “emergency powers” during the “2 weeks to slow the curve” to suspend Nevadan’s constitutional rights and has yet to relinquish this illegal control. To avoid the subject (and the likely angry mob that would show up to protest him) Sheriff Lombardo has outright refused to debate any of the other gubernatorial candidates, including Joey Gilbert who has vowed to reopen and re-investigate the Las Vegas shooting if he becomes Governor…something we all know for obvious reasons Lombardo can never do.

Please watch the shocking full length documentary that recently came out about the cover up behind the Route 91 Vegas Shooting, which despite heavy censorship on YouTube has reached almost a million views across different platforms. We the People of Nevada will never forget how that massacre was covered up, and we will not rest until the truth is revealed.

You need the direct link and to sign in to watch it on YouTube. Or you can use the “Banned Video” link. Feel free to also scroll down and see some of the hundreds of angry messages from locals on Lombardo’s own Facebook page, wondering how he thinks people living here were just going to “forget” what he did.

And feel free to ask Lombardo why he never investigated the 3 other people staying in Paddock’s room that they knew about that night: Sheriff Lombardo’s Office: 702-828-3394 or email

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1 year ago

The footage that says it all…


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