Sheriff of 2nd Largest County in Arkansas Says He WILL NOT Enforce Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

The Sheriff of Arkansas second largest county, Benton County, Arkansas says he will not enforce the unconstitutional mask mandates from President Joe Biden.

As you know by now, Biden is trying to force the vaccine on all government agencies and contractors who work with those agencies that employ more than 100 people. That would force nearly 100 million Americans to get the jab.

Benton County Sheriff Shawn Holloway is saying “No More” and is holding his ground with a statement released last week.

“We are now facing anew mandate in our community with vaccine mandates being announced recently, I do not have an issue with someone getting a vaccine or choosing not to get a vaccine. I feel this decision is the individual’s choice and constitutional right to decide. I will not be forcing any employees of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office to be vaccinated. I also will not be enforcing these unconstitutional vaccine mandates on our great citizens of Benton County to steal their freedom of choice.”

You can read his entire statement below, it’s amazing!

Statement from the Benton County, Arkansas Sheriff, Shawn Holloway.

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1 year ago


Real Patriot
Real Patriot
1 year ago

Dumb rednecks, keep killing yourselves off, and finally doing something that benefits Ameria.