Sharon Stone Says Joe Rogan’s an ‘A**hole’ Who ‘Personally’ Caused ‘Losses of Lives’ Because of His Show Allowing Differing Opinions on Covid

Well just when you thought we couldn’t add another triggered leftist to the pile on of Joe Rogan allowing people to have opinions, free thought, free speech, enter Sharon Stone.

It’s amazing that someone who is literally famous for showing her beaver is now taking aim at the most successful podcaster in the world.

The award-winning actress Sharon Stone called popular podcast star, UFC announcer, and world renowned comedian Joe Rogan an “Asshole” who has “personally” caused “losses of Lives” by speaking to people with different opinions about Covid-19 related polices, treatments, and vaccines.

“I’m an infectious disease worker who has won the Nobel Peace Summit Award for my work with infectious disease, Harvard awards … you know, these kind of things,” Stone boasted to TMZ on Monday. “And I worked with Dr. [Anthony] Fauci for decades.” 

“And I just wanna say, COVID is not an opinion-based situation,” she continued. “And Mr. Rogan thinks that his ‘opinion’ or disclaimer for the lives he personally has affected and caused losses of — it’s not an opinion.” 

“Mr. Rogan is risking people’s lives with his idiocy and his professing that his thoughts about COVID are opinion,” the “Casino” actress said. “They aren’t opinions. COVID, infectious diseases are science and they are fact-based situations. So, to the pretense that these are opinions is dangerous, and his behavior is dangerous.”

“He should put a disclaimer that he’s an a**hole, and his behavior is dangerous and affecting people’s lives and deaths,” added Stone.

Later in the interview, Stone said her opinion is based on experience, and it just turns out she has her “Doctor” title from the exact same place as First Lady Jill Biden, it doesn’t exist.

“I don’t know how many of these people’s opinions come with fact-based experience,” she said.

Apparently Sharon Stone knows more than renowned vaccine scientist and virologist, and doctor, Dr. Robert Malone. She also must know more than famed Cardiologist Dr. Mcullough as well.

“Colleagues and critics alike have acknowledged Malone’s impressive credentials in a career spanning more than three decades. Among those accomplishments was serving as CEO and founder of a company contracted by the U.S. government in 2016 to assist in the development of a treatment for the Zika virus.”

Stone also said she supported Neil Young in boycotting Spotify over Rogan’s free speech and top rated podcast in the world.

“I’m with [Neil Young] cancel my [Spotify] accounts in the name of Truth,” the 63-year-old wrote.

What are your thoughts, do you agree with Sharon Stone, or do you stand with Joe Rogan? Comment Below!

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David E Gignac
David E Gignac
1 year ago

Stupid whore

Mel Patriot
Mel Patriot
1 year ago

Is this the B lister strung out Sharon Stone or someone different?