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Shark Tank Star Kevin O’Leary Says There Is ‘0% Chance Trump Loses In 2020’ (VIDEO)

For those that know me personally, I’m a massive fan of the ABC hit show Shark Tank. I’ve always been a bit of a serial entrepreneur. The show is brilliant, and has created thousands of new American jobs.

During an interview with CNN Business, businessman and Shark Tank host Kevin O’Leary talked about Tesla, gold and most importantly, the Trump economy.

At one point during the interview, O’Leary was asked: “Who do you want to see win President here in the United States?”

“You know I don’t get into politics. You know what I look at? Policy,” O’Leary started. “I’ll say this. I’m a policy wonk. In my investment life, in all of the years I have been an investor in private and public companies, I have never seen a better environment in America, ever. It is not of tax reform, it’s deregulation over the last three years has set free all of my small cap companies in a way I have never seen. I see the monthly cash reports of these companies. Over 50 of them were having the best quarter we have ever had this quarter, and last quarter was the best quarter we ever had. It just keeps going. Whatever Washington is doing, keep the policy the same.”

O’Leary then gave his prediction about what he thinks will happen in the 2020 election.

“Here is my prediction about what is going to happen in the election,” he said. “I love to use history to use as a guide for what is going to happen in the future and this is an investment for me. There has never been in modern times a president that has had his economy at under four percent unemployment, has ever lost his mandate ever! And so even with impeachment, even with all the crazy stuff, the chances that this administration will lose it’s mandate with unemployment under four percent, is ZERO.”

Watch the full interview below:

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1 year ago

Hes correct Matthew. A self-made millionare who does deals daily and correctly predicts markets, is correctly predicting the current president elect will have another term.

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