SHAMEFUL: Unvaccinated Coast Guard Cadets Given 24 Hours to Vacate Campus

A despicable and shameful moment in our nation’s military history under the horrific leadership of President Joe Biden, as Coast Guard Academy Cadets who sought a religious exemption from the unconstitutional mandate for the experimental Covid-19 vaccine, which hasn’t prevented or stopped the infection or transmission as promised were given 24 hours to leave campus upon nonfiction of their denial request.

After being notified of their dismissal Aug. 18, the cadets also were given no further information regarding their future in the service, reported Just the News.

“The steps taken by the Coast Guard Academy are clear religious discrimination against Christians and reflect a total disdain for the faith and constitutional rights of cadets,” said attorney R. Davis Younts.

Just the News noted the seven cadets who were dismissed are still enrolled in the academy and are required to attend their military trainings online. They cannot leave the Coast Guard and seek another job, and it’s too late for them to transfer to another college.

The fact that the U.S. military is still pushing this ridiculous vaccine that doesn’t work, hasn’t stopped or prevented anything, and has ruined millions of lives around the globe is sickening to do to our men and women in uniform.

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A class action lawsuit against the mandates pointed out that Comirnaty vaccine is the ONLY FDA approved Covid-19 vaccine. Don’t believe us, use Google and look it up. The experimental Covid-19 vaccines are still under the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization Act) and the military can only legally force the fully approved vaccine.

The complaint cites a whistleblower report to Congress last week alleging the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine at Coast Guard medical clinics is not the Comirnaty vaccine that was fully approved by the FDA.

A cadet told Just the News that in a recorded phone call, a Pfizer representative acknowledged the FDA-approved vaccines are not being administered to anyone.

The Coast Guard, meanwhile, claims the Comirnaty doses at their clinics were the fully-approved vaccine.

The military attorney, Younts, told Just the News the “actions of the Coast Guard continue to have a devastating impact on morale and military readiness.”

“Worse, these actions appear to be based on a lack of moral courage among the leaders of the Coast Guard,” he said. “With the new CDC guidance, there is simply no medical or scientific justification for treating young men and women who have worked so hard to earn a commission like pariahs.”

The CDC updated its guidance earlier this month, effectively treating the unvaccinated the same as the vaccinated. Which means everyone of you that got the jab were played like a damn fiddle.

Just the News also noted that in compliance with CDC guidance, the federal government has instructed agencies to stop requiring documentation of vaccination status as of Aug. 22.

Thanks to our friends at WND for contributing to this article.

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