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SHAMEFUL: Baltimore Youth Boo First Lady Melania Trump (VIDEO)

This might be one of the most disrespectful and ignorant things we’ve seen coming out of the left in 2019. No one is surprised, but it’s sure disgusting none the less.

The Democrat sh*thole known as Baltimore, is now booing the beautiful First Lady as she speaks on Opioid Awareness.

Mrs. Trump was at the Baltimore Youth Summit where the despicable behavior took place.

Baltimore as many of you know from our reporting and others, has BILLIONS of dollars missing from grants that the federal government gave the city, all while under the late Elijah Cummings watch.

They can’t even take care of their own city. Conservative influencer Scott Pressler had to round up dozens of volunteers and make multiple trips to clean up parts of the city that the city council and government refused to do. On the first trip they ended up with over 16 tons of garbage to be thrown away.

It was so bad the city wouldn’t even provide the dumpsters, and Pressler had to provide them himself along with his volunteers.

The video is below, watch at your own discretion, it’s sickening just like the city of Baltimore has become.

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1 year ago

It’s so hard to watch the First Lady getting booed. It’s a shame that she pays for her husbands sins and misdeeds. Pays for his Lock Her Up chants. It’s not fun is it? Shoe on the other foot and now walking around in them doesn’t feel so good does it?? Someone needs to pull out their bible, read some Ten Commandments and take responsibility for their actions. Tone from the top. It’s all President Trump’s fault for the way people now act, as he normalized horrible behavior and the Cult of 45 seizes on it and acts the same.… Read more »

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