SHADOW LEADER? Ric Grenell Reveals Who He Thinks Is “Calling The Shots” In The Biden White House

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has taken stock of President Joe Biden’s unprecedented flurry of executive actions as well as his policy priorities and he has come to a conclusion: Joe’s not really in charge.

Oh sure, most supporters of former President Trump knew that Biden wouldn’t be since it was obvious on a number of occasions throughout last year’s campaign cycle that the former vice president just was not in full use of his mental faculties.

But in an interview on Monday, Grenell talked about who he really thinks is in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. — and it’s not Vice President Kamala Harris.

It’s Obama sycophant (and former national security adviser) Susan Rice.

“Look, I’ve said it before but I think it’s worth repeating…she’s been given a portfolio as to domestic policy. We all know that that’s a joke,” Grenell told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo.

“She doesn’t know anything about domestic policy, but she’s run the national security portfolio, she certainly has run the UN portfolio, she knows the State Department and really wanted to be the secretary of state.

“So, there’s no question that she’s running domestic and foreign policy,” Grenell continued, adding that Vice President Kamala Harris would be spending “most of her time in the Senate” serving as a tie-breaker vote in the 50-50 chamber.

“Susan Rice is extremely excited that Vice President Harris is preoccupied in the Senate, and the shadow presidency of Susan Rice is front and center, there’s no question about that,” he noted further.

This is the second time this month that Grenell has made this observation.

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1 year ago

I’m fairly certain it’s Bathhouse Barry running the show from his basement with Big Mike right behind him.

1 year ago

You need a share to Gab button. Thanks!


[…] Source: SHADOW LEADER? Ric Grenell Reveals Who He Thinks Is “Calling The Shots” In The Biden White House […]

Dorothy Grappo
Dorothy Grappo
1 year ago

I disagree w/ Richard Grenell. I feel I could guarantee Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama from Kenya whose goal it has always been is to destroy America. Now he has someone to do it for him. It’s the number one crime of the century.