Senator Kennedy: “You Don’t Stop Drunk Drivers by Getting Rid of All Sober Drivers” (VIDEO)

Senator John Kennedy as many of you know is by far and away one of my favorite Senators in America, he may very well be my favorite. He is smart, southern, classy, and witty. The media and the leftist mob in D.C. hates him. Me personally, I can’t get enough of what he has to say.

He sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday night and unloaded on the idiotic Dems in office.

Senator John Kennedy addressed the national debate surrounding gun control policy this week following a pair of deadly mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado; saying people “abuse America’s freedoms.”

“America is a big country, we’re free. And one of the prices we pay for that freedom is that you’re always going to have some people who abuse it. Freedom is risk. What we’ve got to concentrate on is how to control that risk; you’re not going to stop the killings until you stop the killers,” said Kennedy.

“You don’t stop drunk drivers by getting rid of all sober drivers,” he added, “which is what many of my Democratic friends want to do with respect to the Second Amendment. In my judgment, we do not need more gun control. We need more idiot control. How do we do that? We’ve already tried, the Republicans have, Sen. Grassley, Sen. Cruz had a bill to strengthen our national database. We regulate gun ownership in America. If you’re convicted of certain crimes, if you have a tendency to violence, if you’re mentally ill, and you want to buy a gun, your name has to be run through a database.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz weighed-in Tuesday on the national debate surrounding gun control; saying steps can be taken to allow prosecutors to go after criminals but he will not “apologize for thoughts and prayers.”

“We should allow prosecutors to go after gun criminals. We will learn in the weeks ahead the exact motivations of the murderers in Atlanta and Boulder. We already know this pattern is predictable. There are steps we can take to stop these crimes,” said Cruz.

“I agree it’s time for action. By the way, I don’t apologize for thoughts or prayers. But thoughts and prayers alone are not enough,” he added.

President Biden urged Congress to pass new gun safety measures Tuesday less than 24-hours after a gunman opened fire at a Colorado supermarket; killing ten people including a police officer responding to the assault.

“We’re working very closely with the state and local law enforcement officials, and they’re going to keep me updated as they learn more. You’re going to ask me to speculate — understandably, you’re going to ask me to speculate on what happened, why it happened. And I’m not going to do that now because we don’t have all the information — not until I have all the facts,” said Biden.

“As President, I can use all the resources at my disposal to keep the American people safe. As I said: At this moment, a great deal remains unknown. But three things are certain. First, 10 lives have been lost, and more families have been shattered by gun violence in the state of Colorado. And Jill and I are devastated. And the feeling — I just can’t imagine how the families are feeling — the victims whose futures were stolen from them, from their families, from their loved ones who now have to struggle to go on and try to make sense of what’s happened,” he added.

“And the state that — I even hate to say it because we’re saying it so often: My heart goes out. Our hearts go out for the survivors. The — who had to — had to flee for their lives and who hid, terrified, unsure if they would ever see their families again, their friends again. The consequences of all this are deeper than I suspect we know. By that, I mean the mental consequences — a feeling of — anyway, it just — we’ve been through too many of these,” Biden continued.

Biden and his colleagues in D.C. are quick to push for gun control, why you might ask? Because what they truly want is power, to reign over the American people with an Iron Fist, and they are unfortunately on their way to doing so.

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