Senator Cory Booker releases confidential emails from Kavanaugh, makes himself look like fool

Today Democratic Senator Cory Booker released emails, including an exchange with Judge Kavanaugh where he advised the Bush Administration to use “race neutral” policies in airport security. The disgruntled Senator and Democratic Presidential hopeful (to himself at least) tried to suggest the emails were hidden by House Republicans because of the references to race. Booker implied that Kavanaugh had made racially derogatory or offensive remarks in the emails.

Fox News analyst and host Shannon Bream broke that the emails had already been cleared for release, and Booker actually didn’t break any committee rules. He just simply tried to make himself look like his self proclaimed Spartacus reference.

The Senate Committee communications staffer Garrett Ventry state this on Twitter.

Fox News is now reporting that Booker’s office had been informed that the documents had been cleared before the hearing. Meaning that the Senator put on a show, and in fact did nothing brave or courageous as he would like you to believe. The Democrats have used this week of the Kavanaugh hearings to grand stand, and pre-audition for what many feel like is a Presidential debate for deranged leftists.

Senator Cornyn who had the heated exchange with Booker said he learned from Senator Mike Lee of Utah after the exchange that the documents had been cleared for release. “All of this drama this morning was apparently for nothing, and it’s unfortunate,” he concluded.

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