Senate Votes 55-45 to Move Forward with Impeachment Trial of Donald J. Trump – 5 GOP Turncoats Join Dems

After an passionate speech from Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul on how an impeachment trial after someone has left office is unconstitutional (It is) the corrupt United States Senate forged ahead with yet another impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

The Senate voted 55-45 to move forward with the impeachment trial, and included five RINO’s (Republican in Name Only) that voted with the Democrats..

Five GOP senators vote with Dems, rejecting Sen Paul’s argument that impeachment trial is unconstitutional: Collins, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse, Toomey.

The trial is now done until 1pm on February 9th. Meanwhile Joe Biden has signed 37 Executive Orders and counting in his first six days, showing that he’s not about unity, but he is about being a dictator.

I agree with my good friend Robby Starbuck, every single one of these Draconian orders must be legally challenged by the GOP. They have to stop pandering to these tyrants.

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