SCOTUS Meets in Person for First Time in Over a Year

The Supreme Court’s justices met Friday for a regularly scheduled private conference today.  This is the first time in more than a year, as their last in-person meeting was March 6, 2020.  

This marks a gradual return to normality for the high court, although some justices still attended the conference remotely, according to Supreme Court spokesperson Kathy Arberg who spoke to The Hill.  She did not clarify how many or which ones.

“The change in practice today is in keeping with recently released Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines regarding indoor gatherings of fully vaccinated people,” Arberg said.   All nine are fully vaccinated for the coronavirus.

The meeting comes after the CDC rolled out new guidance saying that fully vaccinated people can safely gather together indoors without the need for masks.  Five of the justices are over 65 years old, the age when experts say people are particularly susceptible to severe COVID-19 infections.

The court is not expected to resume in-person arguments in the near future.  The justices are scheduled to hear arguments in cases by phone through next month. 

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8 months ago

Is the SCOTUS going to finally save the Republic or look the other way with regards to the massive election fraud that resulted to an illegitimate Resident of the WH issuing unConstitutional and harmful EOs, encouraging the surge of llegal aliens (and esp cartels) without vetting through the border, raiding the treasury with as much give-aways to God-knows who and for what exactly, and violating peoples Constitutional rights every single day for their corrupt political ends.