Scott Baio Calls Out Joe Biden, Michael Avenatti for Plagiarism

Well it’s a Tuesday in June, and we’re one year away from being full swing into the 2020 election. Joe Biden is on the campaign trail, and he’s at it again.

The mainstream media points out that Biden plagiarized the Creepy Porn Lawyer Micahel Avenatti, but in actuality that’s not quite true.

Avenatti actually plagiarized Scott Baio first, then Biden stole it, so Biden actually plagiarized Scott Baio.

Joe Biden today said “Make America, America Again” from Baio’s speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention as seen in the video above.

Adam Baldwin explained this below on Twitter as well.

How sad are the Democrats that almost 3 years after President Trump was elected they still can’t come up with their own ideas or catch phrases? They’re stealing these from Pro Trump influencers like Baio and others. Absolutely pathetic.

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