Scientist Says Sperm Counts Are Dropping So Low That Human Reproduction May Soon be a Thing of the Past

According to new scientific research men today only have about half of the sperm that their grandfathers did. From the massive amounts of skinny jeans, man buns, and fedoras, that probably shouldn’t shock many of the conservative ladies out there.

Shanna Swan, PhD published a paper back book back in 2017 about this infertility phenomenon.

However more recently, she published a book about how endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and other factors are destroying men’s bodies at an alarming rate.

Also according to research, women are also suffering from a decline in egg quality, which is leading to more miscarriages. Men though seem to be the number one enemy of the depopulation agenda, which is taking aim at their reproductive function like we’ve never seen in our history.

If this trend continues, most people will need assisted reproductive technology by 2050, Swan warns us.

“The endocrine disruptors that I have studied the most are the phthalates,” she explained. “It’s a big class of chemicals. Several of them make plastics soft and flexible. Others have the ability to promote absorption and retention.”

Many of the chemicals are found in personal care products and go directly through the skin, she says.

They are also found in many scented products that go through the nose.

Food is another common source of ECDs, especially when it’s packaged in plastic and frozen or heated, which helps release the chemicals into the food.

Men who eat organic food fare better than those who do not, however EDCs can still be hidden even in organic products depending on how they were manufactured or how they are stored.

“We can’t buy our way out of this problem,” Swan warns. “We also can’t recycle our way out of this problem. We need much more fundamental changes.”

“I think the more that we can show effects on people’s health right now – increased obesity, more erectile dysfunction, less sexual satisfaction, more menstrual problems – the more they’ll listen,” says Swan about how to reach more people about this important issue.

Thanks to our friends at Natural News for contributing to this article.

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1 year ago

In the end, it’s a war against traditional families which are the foundation of Western culture.

Theresa D'Amico
Theresa D'Amico
1 year ago

Zap! everyday more and more ‘secrets’ are being brought to light. what a concept if people were allowed to take personal responsibility and make decisions based on truth, what a concept. we are living in an experiment

1 year ago

Scary chit, Matt!

1 year ago

I had heard about the personal care products being loaded with estrogens or chemicals that mimic estrogens, several years ago. That’s why I only use soaps I buy from a guy who makes them from scratch with very few chemicals, except what is traditional. Also the same for aftershaves – old school is better school.

kaye Mohammadi
kaye Mohammadi
1 year ago

It’s about depopulation that bill gates and the UN want