School Bans Mullets, and Other Styles of Haircuts, Calls Them ‘Not Acceptable’

It seems that a certain school is not happy with the old school motto of “business up front, party in the back,” and that’s got the private school leaders to ban mullets among other haircuts.

Trinity College in Perth, Australia is a school for boys from years 4 to 12, and in a recent newsletter they penned, the school has outlined why it is banning “the current trend” of mullets.

The current trend of growing the hair at the back of the head and/or closely cropping the sides of the head to accentuate the “mullet” style are untidy, non-conventional and not acceptable at Trinity College. As is the trend of long hair and fringes.”

Not only are mullets banned at Trinity College, but students are not allowed to have “rat tails, top knots, Mohawks, extra long fringes, or “any other non-conventional style.”

The school then goes on to outline how boys should have their hair styled, stating that hair “should be well styled, brushed, neat, and clean.”

They’ve also added the following rules.

  • Hair should be cut so that it clears the collar at the back and does not fall in front of the eyes.
  • When combed forward if hair falls below the nose it is too long.
  • Hair is not to be worn covering the ears.
  • Unruly or uncombed hair is not permitted.
  • Hairstyles should be of a conservative nature. Students are not permitted to have mullets, rat tails, top knots, mohawks, extra-long fringes, or any other non-conventional style cuts.
  • Hair is not to be undercut or layered and is not to be worn any shorter than a Number 2 cut.
  • Artificial colors or highlights are not permitted.

Any student that shows up with a mullet or any of the other banned haircuts will be alerted to the violation by a school leader.

The leader will then explain why the students hair is unacceptable and “the student will be provided a fair and reasonable timeframe to rectify the issue and contact with parents will be made…”

Just last month Waverley College in Sydney banned mullets for these same reasons.

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1 year ago

I went to a Catholic High School 1975-1978. This was common. Boys hair could not touch their collar. 😊