SAY WHEN? Joe Biden Calls for ‘Real Physical Revolution’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden suggested starting a “real physical revolution” and using “brass knuckles” if the Republican-controlled Senate won’t pass his agenda as commander-in-chief.

While addressing the Poor People’s Campaign on Monday, moderator and MSNBC host Joy Reid asked Biden how he would get his proposals through a GOP-led Senate.

“If we can’t get a consensus, nothing happens,” Biden said.

“There are certain things where it just takes a brass knuckle fight,” he continued, turning dark.

“There’s no way to do it, what you do is when they say we’re not going to support you, you did what I did last time,” he said, claiming he campaigned for Democrats running in 2018 and helped to elect them.

I think I can speak for most conservatives when I say “Say when Joe.”

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3 years ago

Real Physical Revolution, what is this????? if it calls for him to do anything physical other than fondle females, he’s not able.

Greg Harrod
Greg Harrod
3 years ago

Biden loves to write checks with his mouth that he can’t cash with his ass. I GUARANTEE you won’t see HIM anywhere near any “physical revolution”!

Nash Montana
3 years ago

I take it he’s never seen the movie ‘Bambi Meets Godzilla’.

3 years ago

Joe’s a total idiot. He’s always punching, punching, punching. You can bet if that doesn’t work, he’ll use “harsh language.”