Saturday Night Live MOCKS President Trump’s Visit to East Palestine, Ohio in Cringeworthy Segment ‘Pete Buttigieg is Too Busy Being Gay’ [VIDEO INSIDE]

In one of the most despicable and cringeworthy Saturday Night Live skits we’ve seen in decades, they mocked former President Donald Trump’s visit to East Palestine, Ohio where residents have been decimated by a train wreck/derailment, toxic chemical spill, and burnout that has leveled the area for miles and miles.

There’s nothing funny about mocking the 45th President of the United States visit to East Palestine, Ohio while President Joe Biden is off in the Ukraine ignoring the pain and suffering of an American town of nearly 5,000.

Saturday Night Live took on the former President’s visit to the disaster area, in its cold opening this week.

The fake trump, as played by cast member James Austin Johnson, gave a press conference in which he made fun of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and eventually brought on Georgia grand jury foreman Emily Kohrs.

“Hello, it’s wonderful to be here in East Palestine… not a great name,” opened Johnson’s Trump, incorrectly pronouncing the town’s name to sound like the state of Palestine.

Johnson (fake Trump) then joked that current President Joe Biden was “on Spring break in Ukraine with his friend Zelensky in the t-shirt, very disrespectful.”

Johnson’s uncanny Trump then recalled a chance meeting when “a farmer came up to me, big fella and he said, ‘Sir, we have nothing to eat because our dirt is poison.’ And I said, ‘Well what are you doing eating the dirt? Don’t eat the dirt, folks! You should be eating the cold McDonald’s I bought you.”

They even brought up what Trump said about Rihanna at the Super Bowl.

“Rihanna, by the way, you know, she was pregnant doing Super Bowl, can you believe that? I said of course she is, she’s not moving at all, it was just arms, right? She was just doing arms the whole time.

Then he turned his attention o Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who finally visited East Palestine on Friday a day after President Trump visited.

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It took President Trump visiting to get Buttigieg to visit, just an FYI for the liberals that might read this.

“This was his responsibility, unfortunately, he was too busy being a nerd and being gay to have dealt with the very much more important issue of should trains have big poison.”

He then cracked that he’s begun calling the former mayor of South Bend “Pete Butt,” adding that “‘”there’s no way around it, that’s just the best one. Believe me, I’ve tried it every which way and it doesn’t get better than Pete Butt.”

You think we’re done, oh no it gets far worse.

Then the SNL actor portraying President Trump made a joke that he made trains “less safe” than “Schitt’s Creek” the entire town in reference to the sitcom.

After they’d made fun of Mayor Pete and the belittled town of East Palestine, they had Trump bring up the controversial Georgia Grand Jury foreman Emily Kohrs, who’s an admitted witch.

“She’s an odd duck but we like her. She’s either seven or 40, we can’t tell. And she’s got a very big secret for such a kooky lady,” Johnson’s Trump said.

“She’s a head juror, can you believe that? They elected her. They’ll elect anyone, I started that,” he added.

The SNL actress portraying Kohrs would not reveal if Trump would be indicted, but said “we’ve been saying your name a lot.” “

Can you believe that? They almost had me and then this little horse girl comes in and saves the day,’ he cracked. ‘She look like Haley Joel Osment and she’s my best friend.”

We’re still not done, it gets more cringeworthy as they make fun of Trump for visiting the ravaged town of East Palestine.

Later on in the “Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost joked that Trump visited the crash site because “he usually likes to make himself look better by standing next to a train wreck,” then they cut to a photo of former New York Mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

The 45th President visited East Palestine, a small Ohio town of around 4,800, that was wrecked by a toxic train derailment on Wednesday – 19 days after the horrific crash, but still before President Joe Biden or Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Thanks to our friends at The Daily Mail for contributing to this article.

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