SANCTIONS: Trump Hammers Iranian Regime

The President called the White House Press Corp to the Oval office for an unscheduled announcement on Monday morning.

At the press conference, the President announced that he was issuing harsh sanctions against Iran and it’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The sanctions will continue to hammer an already faltering Iranian economy.

The Trump administration has deeply hurt the Iranian Regime in the past year with sanctions and crippled the Iranian economy. These sanctions are to squeeze Iran into negotiations with the United States.

The President was asked “Do you want to negotiate a new deal with Iran.”

“We would love to, and they should do it soon. If not, oh well, it’s up to them,” the President replied.

We shall see if this bring Iran to the negotiating table. For their sake, I hope it does. This President isn’t playing games. He will strike if he has to.

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