San Francisco Giants Manager Refuses to Come Out for National Anthem Until Something is Done About Guns

The manager of the San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball team, Gabe Kapler, says he will not come out for the American National Anthem as is custom before games until he feels better “about the direction of our country.”

That’s right, this buffoon is now using his stature as a former player and now manager to use politics in sports, and the definition of a complete clown.

Speaking to reporters in Cincinnati, Ohio before the weekend, Kapler admitted that he didn’t expect to protest to “move the needle necessarily” but he was doing it because the topic is something that he felt strongly enough about to take the step that will be deemed unpatriotic by many.

Kapler was the National League’s Manager of the Year in 2021, and published an essay on his website about his unhappiness with standing for the national anthem after a minute’s silence to honor the victims of the Robb Elementary School Shooting.

“We weren’t given bravery, and we aren’t free. The police on the scene put a mother in handcuffs as she begged them to go in and save her children. They blocked parents trying to organize to charge in to stop the shooter, including a father who learned his daughter was murdered while he argued with the cops. We aren’t free when politicians decide that the lobbyist and gun industries are more important than our children’s freedom to go to school without needing bulletproof backpacks and active shooter drills,” Kapler wrote.

“I am not okay with the state of this country. I wish I hadn’t let my discomfort compromise my integrity. I wish that I could have demonstrated what I learned from my dad, that when you’re dissatisfied with your country, you let it be known through protest. The home of the brave should encourage this.”

“We didn’t stop to reflect on whether we are actually free and brave after this horrific event, we just stood at attention,” said Kapler, adding that his father taught him to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance when he believed his country was “representing its people well or to protest and stay seated when it wasn’t”.

“I don’t believe it is representing us well right now,” Kapler stated, before going on to slam the American gun industry, lobbyists and politicians while confessing he wanted to take the knee. 

“I knew that thousands of people were using this game to escape the horrors of the world for just a little bit. I knew that thousands more wouldn’t understand the gesture and would take it as an offense to the military, to veterans, to themselves,” Kapler continued in a nod to Kaepernick, boldly saying that he is “not OK with the state of this country”.

I wish that I could have demonstrated what I learned from my dad, that when you’re dissatisfied with your country, you let it be known through protest. The home of the brave should encourage this,” Kapler insisted.

Kapler is the second managerial figure in U.S. Sports to make a similar statement as ultra liberal Steve Kerr used his news conference to deliver a speech about gun control, you know, Communism.

Because they can’t protect your children now, but they can sure protect you when you have no way to protect yourself. The government is so trustworthy and has done so much good for Americans, we should totally lose all of our rights and let them rule us.

Sadly Kapler isn’t wrong about the police stopping parents from going in after their children that were being slaughtered, so he makes points that both sides agree with. However giving up the 2nd Amendment isn’t the solution. Securing our nations schools is. America secures Government buildings at the federal and state level. We secure banks, airports, and many other things. It’s now time to secure our schools with hiring tens of thousands of combat veterans to protect them. That is the solution, now get it done!

Government was expected to go in and rescue those kids, and government stood around for an hour. When are these liberal woke idiots going to wake up and actually smell what they are shoveling?

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