San Francisco Considering Changing 44 School Names, RENOUNCING Washington, Lincoln & Others

We all already know that San Francisco is a liberal hell hole, and it just keeps getting worse. A few months back, Nancy Pelosi went to a salon with no mask and got her hair done, while the owner wasn’t allowed to open. The owner outed her, and of course Pelosi and her followers tried to destroy her.

Now this insane city is at it again. This time wanting to rename schools named after our founders, and others.

The following is from The San Francisco Chronicle.

A third of San Francisco public schools could see their names changed as officials push to replace “inappropriate” ones honoring presidents, writers, generals and even Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Read more: ‘It’s offensive’: Mayor Breed slams school renaming plan as a waste of energy amid pandemic

Parents and principals at 44 sites were forced to scramble this week to brainstorm new school names while also juggling the demands of distance learning in a pandemic.

Those names on the school buildings, including Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson, that have connections to slavery, genocide or oppression should be changed, according to a committee recommendation heading to the school board.

More than a third of the district’s 125 schools made the list of objectionable names, which also included Balboa, Lowell and Mission high schools, as well as Roosevelt and Presidio middle schools and Webster, Sanchez and Jose Ortega elementary schools.

Can you imagine renaming schools because you find that people like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln who helped found America and freed the slaves are “racist.” Only in liberal America can this idiocy carry on.

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Richard Jorgensen
Richard Jorgensen
1 year ago

Seriously, if I didn’t know a lot of conservative folks there, I’d wish for a quake that wipes it off the face of the earth


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