San Francisco Archbishop Responds to Pelosi: ‘No Catholic in Good Conscience Can Favor Abortion’

In a story that was somehow missed by the mainstream media, the Archbishop of San Francisco last Thursday responded to the Speaker of the House accusal of pro-life Trump voters being sellouts.

In a podcast that took place on January 18, on former Secretary of State and Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s podcast, Pelosi said that pro-life voters for former President Donald Trump were an issue that “gives me great grief as a Catholic.”

“I think that Donald Trump is president because of the issue of a woman’s right to choose,” she said of abortion, implying that pro-life voters boosted Trump to victory in 2016. She added that these voters “were willing to sell the whole democracy down the river for that one issue.”

Thursday Pelosi’s Archbishop responded in kind.

“No Catholic in good conscience can favor abortion,” said Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, Pelosi’s home diocese, in a statement issued on Thursday. “Our land is soaked with the blood of the innocent, and it must stop.”

Pelosi continues to claim she is a practicing catholic while supporting abortion, which is absolutely blasphemous.

On Thursday, Archbishop Cordileone clarified that “Nancy Pelosi does not speak for the Catholic Church.”

“And on the question of the equal dignity of human life in the womb, she [Pelosi] also speaks in direct contradiction to a fundamental human right that Catholic teaching has consistently championed for 2,000 years,” Cordileone said.

The archbishop added that Pelosi’s use of the phrase “right to choose” in reference to abortion “is a smokescreen for perpetuating an entire industry that profits from one of the most heinous evils imaginable.”

The Speaker is a disgrace to claim to be a Catholic or a Christian and support the murdering of babies. The notion is absolutely monstrous.

You can read more from our friends at the Catholic News Agency.

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Melissa Peterson
Melissa Peterson
11 months ago

Nancy Pelosi was denounced by her Catholic Chirch in 2015 and can not take communion for her support for abortion.

11 months ago

I would love to see proof of that.


[…] San Francisco Archbishop Responds to Pelosi: ‘No Catholic in Good Conscience Can Favor Abortion’… […]