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Sam Elliott Gives Tearful Tribute to WWII Hero SGT Ray Lambert

This is one of the most gut wrenching and heartfelt readings I’ve ever seen by conservative actor Sam Elliott.

Ray Lambert’s story of Omaha Beach is something that today’s generation cannot even comprehend.

Watch and listen to this reading by Sam Elliott, share it with someone younger than you, they need to hear these stories of American exceptionalism.

Thank You Sargent Lambert for your amazing sacrifice and service to this nation. My Grandfather was in Italy and Normandy. He passed away in August of 1998. The stories he told us grand kids we will share with our children, your message will go on for generations.

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Wayne Reynolds
Wayne Reynolds
1 year ago

Outstanding! God Bless our American Warriors!

1 year ago

What can I say that hasn’t been said for thousands of years? “Thank you, brother, for giving your life, your all”.

robert clayton
robert clayton
1 year ago

Yes. God bless them everyone. And remember, there are members of our own Congress trying to destroy our country for personal gain.

vhal ha (@vallahal)
1 year ago

Great Republicans as always.

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