SAD! Barbara Bush Blames Trump for Heart Attack In Upcoming Book

Just when you think that the Bush family couldn’t get any lower and their hatred for President Trump was over, here we go again.

Barbara Bush in her upcoming book literally blamed President Trump for her heart attack that she suffered.

It appears that Mrs. Bush just couldn’t handle Trump’s criticisms of her son Jeb. Trump called Jeb “Weak” and “Low Energy.” According to USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page, Barbara was very outspoken in her dislike of President Trump.

“The tumultuous presidential campaign in general and Trump’s ridicule of son Jeb Bush in particular had riled her up,” Page writes. According to Page, Jeb urged Barbara to “let go” of her frustrations with the controversial candidate, and instead focus on herself and her health.”

Now think about how the Bush family has treated President Trump. President Trump even rolled out the red carper for President George H W Bush’s funeral, and Jeb even said that Trump had been “very nice and kind” through all of the funeral.

The former First Lady even told Page before she died that she no longer considered herself a Republican because of Trump.

It’s sad that this family’s legacy is now going to be known for just hating President Trump.

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