Ruth Bader Ginsburg Temporarily Blocks Release of Trump’s Financial Records

This won’t be widely reported in the media, because well lets be honest, liberals hold Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a hero.

Now whether you like her or not, she’s a very good judiciary member of the Supreme Court. The late great Justice Scalia called her “Ruthy” and he adored her. I too even though I’m a staunch conservative have tremendous respect for Justice Ginsburg.

Over the weekend, she came to the President’s rescue with her ruling on his financial records the insane radical Democrats in Congress were seeking.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg came to the rescue of President Trump Friday and allowed his financial records to remain secret from House Democrats – for now.

The liberal Supreme Court Justice granted an emergency request from Trump’s lawyers to delay enforcement of subpoenas House Democrats issued to Deutsche Bank and Capital One for Trump’s bank records.

A lower court Tuesday ordered the banks to cooperate with Congress in handing over a treasure trove of Trump’s financial dealings in the midst of the House’s impeachment inquiry. But Ginsburg stayed the ruling until 5 pm on Dec. 13.

That’s when the Supreme Court is expected to vote on whether to take up at least one of the two pending cases involving Trump’s financial records.

The latest dispute is over three subpoenas issued by the Democratic-led House Intelligence Committee and House Financial Services Committee for bank records for Trump and three of his children, Don Jr, Ivanka and Eric Trump.

Trump’s lawyers argued the sweeping requests for records exceed the committee’s legal authority. But the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York ruled Dec. 3 the committees had legitimate legislative purposes for issuing the subpoenas and ordered the banks to promptly begin transmitting the documents in daily batches starting next week.

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