Rush Limbaugh’s Replacement Has Officially Been Announced, and It’s Not Just One Person, But Two

The Iconic talk legend Rush Limbaugh passed away earlier this year from lung cancer, but his memory will never be forgotten. He was a trailblazer, building a radio empire that will more than likely never be replicated.

Since his passing, the big question has been who is going to take over for the legend. Now we finally have an answer.

In a shocking move, Buck Sexton and Tray Clavis will be hosting a show together in the time slot.

Travis known for being a controversial conservative sports talk host, who dabbles in politics, and Sexton who’s a frequent guest on various conservative platforms made the announcement today.

It’s shocking, because neither have the name that you would expect to replace an icon such as Rush.

Sexton somehow garnered a national radio show after making appearances on Fox over the last few years, and has now moved into the most prestigious slot in the history of radio with Travis.

Travis founded the sports site Outkick which recently sold to Fox.

Both are talented, and perhaps the network thought any one person couldn’t replace Limbaugh. It’s a move that will have many eyes on it, including the liberal left looking to take a spot back conservatives have owned for decades.

What are your thoughts on this news and these two replacing Rush?

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7 months ago

No one can replace Rush. If I remember correctly, Sexton may have been a substitute now and again, but I could be wrong. I’ve listened to some of his podcasts. Sexton is ok but thinks that anyone who believes the 2020 election was fixed is bat-sh*t crazy. I miss Limbaugh more and more each day. He had an amazing ability to convey that everything was going to be alright despite the efforts of the underwhelming wanna-be geniuses that are trying to tear it all down.

Anita Downs
7 months ago

No, no no. We were told that there would not be a replacement in the near future. It’s too soon an NOBODY can replace Rush! Just stop this!