CNN’s Jim Acosta caused a major stir on Wednesday after creating a wild scene at the White House, arguing with President Donald Trump, getting his “hard pass” credentials suspended, and was accused of placing his hands on a White House intern.

As noted by The Daily Wire, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the situation, and he did not hold back his thoughts on Acosta, who he called “childish” and “rude.”

There was another set of fireworks after Jim Acosta behaved as the childish, rude person he is. April Ryan of something called the American Urban Radio Networks decided to start asking questions when she had not been given the microphone, when she had not been called on. This is another radical leftist political hack that’s working as a journalist.”

“I’ll give you voter suppression. Take a look at the CNN polls, how inaccurate they were. That’s called voter suppression. But when he gave a reporter a chance to ask a question, Ryan attempted to interrupt repeatedly.

“The point is, that’s April Ryan, and she doesn’t have the microphone. When it’s a journalist’s turn, they have an aide in their passing a microphone around so everybody can hear the question. She was not given the microphone. She just started shouting questions out, ‘What do you mean voter suppression?’ When CNN runs all of these crazy polls showing the Democrats running away with everything, that’s voter suppression because it tends to make Republicans think there’s no reason to vote! It’s over, it’s hopeless! ‘Cause people believe this garbage!”


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