Rumble Founder and CEO Delivers Powerful Message on Future of Company and the Fight Ahead [VIDEO INSIDE]

The Founder of Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski delivered a powerful video message on Friday to users and shareholders alike. In the short video, he detailed the fight ahead for Rumble, and how important it is for Rumble to succeed so free speech isn’t stomped out in America, and around the globe.

This is a personal message from that comes from my heart on the week that Rumble went public on the NASDAQ as ticker RUM. I debated for a while on whether I should release this, but after talking to a few mentors of mine we decided to go with it. It explains the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing at Rumble and why its so important for our world.

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“One of the motivations for taking Rumble public is something I’ve kept to myself. I’ve feared that the system could prevent it from happening. Many critics, and even some investors wanted us to stay private, but if we did, we’d lose our fight for freedom. I’ve put years and years, decades of thought into how to take on this system and how to win. In a world controlled by massive corporations, you cannot defend freedom from the sidelines. You need to fight the system head on. You need to be smarter, harder working, and most importantly you need to catch everyone by surprise. No private business can beat trillion dollar public companies, these big tech companies influence information flow, academia, governments, and the vast part of the population.

“But here’s the good news, we just surprised the entire world. We’ve created a vehicle for the public to get behind. It is now up to the public on how bad they want to win this fight, because we can’t win this alone. We need you, every single one of you. We now have a chance to grow our market cap to take on big tech. This is the only way to win, we’ll use this market cap to acquire amazing talent that won’t be influenced by corporate media or big tech. We’ll use this market cap to acquire assets that will accelerate our goal of restoring the free and open internet. We will build an independent infrastructure that big tech can’t put their hands on us. We will fight the machine relentlessly, I will, and with your help we can now win.”

Rumble went public on NASDAQ under the ticker RUM and made it’s debut this week, so far so good. Watch the full video below from Pavlovski.


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