Rumble CEO Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million Contract in Letter Published by Company

The Rumble CEO is putting his money where his mouth is with the top internet podcaster in the world Joe Rogan.

Rogan who’s came under fire recently for allowing differing opinions, we know, we know the left only believes there is one view, and it’s their view.

CEO of Rumble Chris Pavlovski is now offering Joe Rogan a $100 million contract over four years on his uncensored platform Rumble.

The video streaming platform tweeted out the later on Monday saying, “we are ready to fight alongside you” as the Left is trying to cancel Rogan.

“Dear Joe,

We stand with you, your guests, and your legion of fans in desire for real conversation. So we’d like to offer you 100 million reasons to make the world a better place.

How about you bring all your shows to Rumble, both old and new, with no censorship, for 100 million bucks over four years?

This is our chance to save the world. And yes, this is totally legit.”

Rogan has over 200 million subscribers according to many reports, and has an average of 11 million different viewers watch each one of his broadcasts daily. The broadcaster, UFC announcer, and world renowned comedian apparently had some shows where the “n-word” was used, and now the left is trying to use that to cancel him alongside “differing opinions” being disguised as “alleged misinformation.”

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3 months ago

That would be awesome!

Charles E Fink Jr,
Charles E Fink Jr,
3 months ago

If Rogan is being offered $100 million to leave Spotify (as reported elsewhere) and a $100 million contract by Rumble (as reported here), I’d say grab the $200 million and move, Joe. Sounds like a Win-Win to me.